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Norbert Kustos, Andrea Lammert, Dörte Saße

The "Highlights" series
50 Destinations you should have seen

Each volume shows the 50 most beautiful and important places of each region or country: Meanwhile available in this series: Andalusia, Australia, Berlin, Canada, The Caribbean, China, Cuba, Englands South, Egypt, France, Germany, Hamburg, London, Mallorca, Namibia, New York, New Zealand, Norway, Oman & Dubai, Paris, Peru, Portugal, Rome, Russia, Scandinavia, Sicily, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tuscany, USA, USA -The Nationalparks, USA - The West, Vietnam
  • The most beautiful landscapes and the most important cultural tourist feautures per volume
  • The ideal preparation for your holidays
  • Including author's recommandations and all sorts of inside tips
Buch - Highlights Portugal: Die 50 Ziele, die Sie gesehen haben sollten
Norbert Kustos, Andrea Lammert, Dörte Saße
The "Highlights" series

ISBN-13: 978-3-7654-5533-9

168 pages, 350 illustrations, hardcover with dust jacket, 22.3 x 26.5 cm
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