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typeOfNewpage: autoren
nameofthejsonimport: 30337766e417b8c96d89b3747687bd95
try to delete previous generated pages! key: 30337766e417b8c96d89b3747687bd95
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fast delete runtime: 0
title template from shortcode: {{currentauthor}}
slugname template from shortcode: {{currentauthor|replace({'/': '-'})}}

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(1) check on required fields: currentauthor
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(1) twig-template 4 page (1st 30 chars): not used
(1) content 4 page pre do_shortcode: not used
(1) featured image URL:
(1) URL in JSON for featured image is not an image, try to use url_default:
(1) No url_default for featured image defined
(1) no featured image defined
(1) postdate without considering timezones: 2024-05-19 04:43:18
(1) show created page 6047001:
(1) success - fill toolset-CustomPostField: wpcf-autorname, Pattern: currentauthor, value: currentauthor
(1) success - fill toolset-CustomPostField: wpcf-autorid, Pattern: id, value: id
(1) success - fill toolset-CustomPostField: wpcf-biographyauthor, Pattern: biographyauthor, value: biographyauthor
(1) no extra customfields in shortcode defined. Example: "customfields": #BRO# {"extracustomfield1":"extravalue1"}, {"1#SEP#extracustomfield2":"extravalue2#SQM#SingleQuote#SQM#"}, {"2#SEP#extracustomfield2":"extravalue3"}#BRC#}